The wet Wales walk.

Wet walks in Wales are one thing that Paul Barnaby Renoir probably does not like. A fairly short walk into the valley, following a fast paced river, elegantly brimming it’s banks, seemed like a perfect combination for Paul Barnaby Renoir and his parents to meander through on a Saturday afternoon, on day one of his first ever holiday. However, the reality of such a picture-perfect existence was far from the artistically shot photographs of Paul Barnaby Renoir sat on moss veiled boulders and fern covered logs. The reality was in fact, a rather miserable one. He was not thrilled by the state of the terrain – who knew how tender the little paws of a young Boston Terrier pup would be? He scraffled his way over peaks and troughs of stones, swamped puddles and muddy build-ups of previously care-free paths. Shivering his way round the walk and only stopping briefly to yip at a sheep, the only saving grace was the new fur lined coat, purchased in a fluster at Pets at Home in Lincoln. A bargain find in the drag ends of the sales, this Repelz-it coat has already got it’s value by simply keeping the tiny scrap that is Paul Barnaby Renoir alive throughout his torrential ordeal.

The other saving grace – one not so handy at keeping Paul Barnaby Renoir physically well, but defiantly handy in tempting him along his way, was Peamutt butter. Peamutt butter is indeed not only an amusing pun, but a spread completely irresistible to pups everywhere. Paul Barnaby Renoir will stop at nothing to get his angry little mouth on some of the peanutty goodness which Pets At Home kindly sell for roughly £2.50. This has replaced the Kong spread, previously used to amuse Paul Barnaby Renoir for hours at a time, for a quarter of the price. It also smells rather too appealing to humans too!

Paul Barnaby Renoir received a warm bath in the sink once arriving back at his holiday home, followed by a long relaxing sleep, dreaming of peanuts and sheep.


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