The Dog Monitor app.

If, like Paul Barnaby Renoir, you’ll be left alone from time to time, then do not fear. The parents of Paul Barnaby Renoir downloaded an app onto their iphones which allows them to watch the behaviour and movement of Paul Barnaby Renoir when they aren’t able to watch him themselves.

After extensive research and looking into different methods of pet monitoring, the decision was made to give this reasonably priced app a go. The ‘Dog Monitor’ is available on the app store and, linked to another device (in this case an iPad) it allows pup parents the ability to watch their sleeping canines at all times. It is quite honestly brilliant, with an alert when there is noise and a subtle way to see what puppies and dogs alike are up to when their human parents aren’t available. It’s simple to set up and so far completely flawless and idiot proof. The best part? Watching Paul Barnaby Renoir come right up to the camera, sniff, turn around and poop. Parenting at it’s finest.

Paul Barnaby Renoir is settling into Lincolnshire life very nicely. A steady stream of visitors have been to admire and fuss over Paul Barnaby Renoir – admiring his miniature stance. Last night, Paul Barnaby Renoir’s parents made the decision not to get up to let him out for the toilet in the night. A mixture of sheer tiredness, which was affecting everything, had started to creep in. Actually, the tiredness was something that had been mentioned before the arrival or Paul Barnaby Renoir, but the harsh light of day was another question. Having to get up at 3am to let a tiny puppy out into the garden, to then not do a wee, was really quite something.

In other news, Paul Barnaby Renoir has a new day bed – an extremely reasonable £7.50 for a dog mattress from Wilkinsons, which has pride of place in front of the fire. Paul Barnaby Renoir settles very nicely in front of the wood burner, and will sleep for hours on end, snuggled in with various oversized toys. He doesn’t seem too bothered by his new long nights alone, and continues to be a very relaxed little Boston.

Paws and love,

PBR. xo


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