The first 18 hours.

Well, Paul Barnaby Renoir has started life in Lincolnshire as a delight – a real example of a Boston Terrier puppy. His first night was peaceful and fairly uneventful. Paul Barnaby Renoir’s parents got up twice in the night to take him out for a wee (a slight blur of 3am exhaustion but sickening sense of pride at watching a small yellow puddle appear). He settled whimper-free, and it turned out to be the best decision to make him stay in the kitchen rather than in the master bedroom (as some advice suggests). At 7:30am when his breakfast was ready to be served, he stayed in bed, napping away.

His food is Science Plan, and after a bit of meddling around with boiling water and forks, he graciously accepted his morning meal. Side note – Paul Barnaby Renoir’s parents found it difficult to actually get the kibble mix to mash down into a paste – turns out a larger amount of water then you’d think is required. Paul Barnaby Renoir also didn’t eat huge amounts in one go – more nibbled, went back to bed, got up and repeated. Several times. He didn’t finish his required amounts, but as a runt of the litter, the parents of Paul Barnaby Renoir have come to learn that’s normal.

A tip which had been read before the arrival of Paul Barnaby Renoir was that about 15 minutes after eating, ‘usually the canine in question will take a moment to excrete’. Paul Barnaby Renoir didn’t give the gift of 15 minutes, more about 6 minutes. Thankfully Paul Barnaby Renoir chose the edge of a puppy pad to poop on, rather than the cream living room carpet.

A couple of successful trips outside to wee were mastered and the parents of Paul Barnaby Renoir started to feel a glowing sense of pride at the remarkable intelligence of this tiny puppy. A good 3.5minutes were spent teaching Paul Barnaby Renoir to sit. This, admittedly, was not very successful. Paul Barnaby Renoir doesn’t seem too bothered by the treats on offer to reward such fine trickery. The treats in question are ‘Wagg puppy and junior treats with chicken and yoghurt.’ They don’t seem to be of adequate taste or strong enough smell to be worth bothering with (in the opinion of Paul Barnaby Renoir).

After feeling the initial pride at potentially owning a perfect puppy, Paul Barnaby Renoir has since done two sneaky wees on the dining room floor, sat eyeballing his parents whilst this post was written, all the while maintaining a strained whimpering. Already the mistakes have started to develop a needy side in Paul Barnaby Renoir – mainly through letting him sleeping on one of his parents and watching the entire film ‘Bride Wars’ all morning. But with those bulgy eyes – who could resist?

Paws and love

PBR xo



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