The Journey.

It’s been a long time coming – the collected musings of Paul Barnaby Renoir. This little guy, once the runt of his litter, is to become the pinnacle of family life. And his memoirs are to reflect on the dog friendly, the unwelcome and the somewhere-in-between. From toys and treats to pubs and poo bins – Paul Barnaby Renoir is making his life ambition to improve planning and life for other dogs, their humans and first time puppy owners alike.

Let’s start with the wait. The wait was oh so long. A daily reminder would sound to alert Paul Barnaby Renoir’s parents of the ever closer due date (of his home coming that is!). Toys were bought, treats were gathered and a bed was purchased (and then weed in by the cats already inhabiting Paul Barnaby Renoir’s future roost). A toy to help Paul Barnaby Renoir be left alone was ordered – Amazon kindly delivered and the cats (for future reference, Mulberry and Pepperwood) tested it out for him. More on that in a future memoir.

The hours turned into days and the days turned to weeks until finally, the 23rd November arrived. Puppy day. With apprehension and excitement, Paul Barnaby Renoir was picked up from his breeders in Leeds and taken to his new home in Lincolnshire. And the little saint slept the entire journey. Precautions had been put into place to allow for toilet related accidents or a bout of travel sickness, but none were necessary. That little dream was dry and clean for the entire two hours of travel. When revising for the arrival of Paul Barnaby Renoir, it had been read and acknowledged about waiting outside the door to the home, in a designated poop spot, for the anticipated arrival of a bodily function. High hopes were not held – but do you know what, that little son of a gun balanced himself up in his new toilet area and let out a ginormous wee. Turns out – it was a really good idea to brave the cold and start the toilet training from the off.

Now, at 10:30pm, Paul Barnaby Renoir is sleeping soundly in his new (some what too big for him) dog bed, and the really issue is – to wake or not to wake for another outdoor toilet break?

Paws and love,

PBR. xo


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